Oliveti Gourmet olive oil competition - September 2012
Gold Medal    Delicate Single Varietal - Koroneiki
Silver Medal    Medium Single Varietal - Picual
Silver Medal    Medium Single Varietal - Frantoio
Silver Medal    Medium Blended Varietals - Picual/Frantoio
Best Individual Class    Single Varietal - Koroneiki
Best Individual Class    Delicate - Koroneiki
Best In Show    Koroneiki

Our Top Oil Koroneiki, Olivetti Awards 2012, Gold Medal - Best in Class - Best in Show
A well balanced light body olive oil with grassy, herbal, sweet and fruity characters.  Use to enhance delicate flavoured food without overwhelming it. Excellent with fish, eggs and vegetables.
Available in 500ml bottles and  1 litre cans

Frantoio/Picual Blend (Silver Medals)
A medium body olive oil with apple, tropical fruit, green tomato and banana flavours with some pungency. Suits strong flavoured foods.
Available in 500ml bottles and 1 litre cans

Oliveti Gourmet olive oil competition - 2013

Gold  Medal Medium blend - Picual/Frantoio
Medal Delicate single varietal - Koroneiki

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