Food Suggestions

How best to enjoy your Goose Creek Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Although you can cook with it, the full flavour is utilised on fresh servings. Here are a few ideas to get your thoughts going on what you can use our Extra Virgin Olive Oil for.

  • Serve as a dipping oil for a selection of breads

  • Add a few drops of balsamic vinegar to the oil for dipping
  • Dip bread in oil and then side dish of dukkha (chopped spiced nuts etc.)
  • Mix oil into other dip recipies
  • Drizzle onto crusty french bread rubbed with garlic and add fresh ripe tomatoes, salt & pepper
    - an easy and healthy summer lunch for one or many!
  • Drizzle over your favourite fresh salads
  • Green beans, lettuce, tomato, basil and buffalo mozzarela
  • Warm roast vegetable salad
Vegies and Meats
  • Drizzle a little over cooked fish, calamari, prawns etc
  • Warm or hot pasta salads (chicken, tuna, ham)
  • Add to mashed potatoes instead of butter
  • Boiled new potatoes strained and drizzled with olive oil then salt and pepper


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